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The FOH Nashville project

Nashville is well known for its music, hospitality and fun, but Nashville is also a place that gives back.

The FOH project
(Feed Our Homeless)

was inspired by this community spirit to give back by using the skills and expertise we have.

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For this project, longtime Nashville resident Thomas Haehn teamed up with his brother, Konrad Hähn, accomplished wine maker at Von Schleinitz winery in Germany, to create a line of high quality wines dedicated to support Nashville's homeless people and pets. The label design was contributed by Nashville Graphic Design Artist Allison Parker and the Tony Marchetti Company donated the logistical support for the importation.
All profits benefit non-profit organizations that tirelessly address the needs of the less fortunate and struggling in a growing and economically successful city, our Nashville. 
The project has been covered by local media like the Nashville Scene and Nashville Lifestyles.
Supported organizations are:

The wines created for this project are listed below and will be available in certain stores in and around Nashville starting in September 2015.
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Who has not yet enjoyed the refreshing spritz of a good Pro-Secco? And every PRO has his KON, right?

Check out the KON-SECCO, made by winemaker KON-rad Hähn, it's Konrad's Secco. The wine offers a great alternative to Prosecco with wonderful refreshing spritz and rich flavors. And while you enjoy, you also benefit the Nashville homeless.
Suggested retail price: $15

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2015: 87 pts Tastings.com-Bev. Testing Inst.

2016: 88 pts WineEnthusiast / 89 pts Tastings.com-Bev. Testing Inst.

For years, Dry Riesling and Dry Rosé have been discovered by only a small share of the wine drinking public. While great flavors and joy await, they have been the Underdogs of the wine world, providing the inspiration for these wines specifically designed to help the pet underdogs in Nashville, the homeless pets cared for by East C.A.N. and SAFPAW.
The dog in the picture is Sam, in memoriam to a valued companion of many years, a rescue who finally found a home where he could lay his head and was well treated and loved.
Suggested retail price: $15

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2016 Dry Riesling: Best Buy / Silver Medal by tastings.com

UNDERDOG DRY RED BLEND, made by winemaker Konrad Hähn, is a blend of 4 different red grapes frequently planted in Germany. The wine consists of 40% Pinot Noir (or "Spätburgunder"), 30% Dornfelder, 20% Regent and 10% Pinot Madelaeine also known as Frühburgunder. This lively and juicy red shows rich aroma with fresh fruit. And as with all FOH wines: while you enjoy, funds are being raised for the 4 supported organizations benefiting the Nashville homeless.
Suggested retail price: $15

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2015 Dry Red: 88 pts WineEnthusiast 

After the vines struggle and drive their roots deep into the weathered slate rock soil of the terraced vineyards in the Mosel valley, they provide distict fruit to make a great Riesling. The guitar, as a symbol for Nashville's music, is cut out from a picture of the rock walls of the vineyards terraces, where the grapes grow. 
This fresh and balanced Riesling truly 'rocks' as the flavors dance on your palate. 
Suggested retail price: $15

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For the next step to even more finesse, a single vineyard selection,
Rockin' Riesling Weissenberg shows how Riesling Rocks on a higher level.
Suggested retail price: $20

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2015: Rockin' Riesling - 90 pts WineEnthusiast

2016: Rockin' Riesling - 89 pts WineEnthusiast