High Def Wines


Good wines are all about precision and purity of flavor.
And there's no grape like Riesling to provide exactly those qualities: clean, rich mouthwatering fruit.
Adding to the uniqueness, the Mosel valley’s weathered slate soil provides the perfect mineral
characteristics to underline the Riesling fruit and cool microclimate of the area allows the fruit to
fully ripen yet maintain a high level of acidity providing the typical refreshing crispness of great Riesling.


For a rich fruit expressing red wine, we chose to use "Dornfelder",
an intensly dark color providing grape with rich fruit characterisitcs.
It allows us to make a well balanced and juicy sweeter style yet mouthwatering red wine.
With its 10% alcohol it is easy drinking with lots of flavor.
 And in the sommer time, put a little chill on it and it will be greatly refreshing too.