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When it comes to good wine, it's all about precision and purity of flavor. Since there's nothing like Riesling from the Mosel valley to provide exactly that: clean, rich fruit distinctly defined by the Mosel's unique slate soil and cool microclimate, this is where we started: HD Riesling.

Unlike some wines you find for this price, this Riesling didn't need winemaking stunts to taste great. No oak barrels, no tricky fermentation techniques, no smoke and mirrors. Just the art of preserving the purity in flavors from grape to bottle.

Konrad Haehn of Von Schleinitz estate, our award winning wine maker was simply there to guide this great value from the steep slopes of the Mosel, right into your glass, leaving you a wine with the delicate fruit, crisp acidity and rich minerality that define this noblest of grapes.

As we started bringing HD Riesling to our customers, we were asked about sweet red wine from Germany. Since Germany makes some of the greatest sweet (white) wines in the world, why not? Never had thought about it.
While Germany does produce 36% red wines, sweet red is not the norm, so this was a fun challenge for us to provide a sweet red wine with pure and precise fruit flavors, no oak, no distraction. HD Sweet Red was born and what a fun project. Pure flavors, pure fun: a "viniferous sangria" in your glass.

A fun fact is that the Germans are the world champions in sparkling wine consumption per capita.
We love the bubbles. Tuesday morning is as good of a reason as any.

Bringing fun bubbles together with HD Riesling put another fun project on its way: HD bubbly Riesling.
Pure Riesling flavors with fun bubbles. Delicious!

We hope you enjoy your wine in HD !!

And hope you enjoy those wines
as much as we enjoy providing some fun,
high quality and excellent value in every HD bottle!


Konny and Thomas
HighDef Wines
Von Schleinitz Estate