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Tom, the Cork-Dork

will answer any question you've ever wanted to know about wine,
but were afraid to ask!

You may ask about wines in general, regions, grape varietals and food and wine pairings. Ask for a wine suggestion for your dinner party, fancy food, tasting suggestions or just for good values.

I want to make the enjoyment of wine easier.

Wine can be so easily enjoyed, but a lot of beginners, discouraged by wine snobbery, are hesitant to ask simple and innocent questions. I want to provide the opportunity to you to ask questions about anything that is remotely linked to wine and food enjoyment (no obscene stuff, please).

At the same time I want to support good German estate wines because it is often assumed that all of them are sweet. In fact, there are many dry wines and many are among the greatest values currently available. They can be light enjoyable wines for the beginning "wino," great companions for the more experienced and always capable of impressing even a real "connoisseur." They can do it all.

Now let's get on it. Write me your questions. I'll be right back to answer them. I just have to pour a glass of good Riesling to have on my desk while I write back to you.

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